ASBO Yob Hoodie

Hoodies are the 4th biggest threat to the fabric of the nation, after terrorists, paedophiles and migrants. If you are a yob, or have an ASBO then you need one of these!

ASBO Yob Hoodie

Please don’t stab anyone

High quality hoodies available in all sizes.

All our T shirts and hoodies come with a no quibble guarantee, if you don’t like it, send it back!

Check out the size chart above to see which size is right for you.

Interestingly when this hoodie was launched we had a call from the Daily Mail who are the kings of scaremongering and were at the time running articles about youths with ASBOs and how wearing a hoodie meant you were obviously going to stab the next person you see. When they wanted to feature the hoodie, the guy who called up actually made a joke of how they were the ones who hype all this nonsense up and I think he was slightly embarrassed about their nonsense they print. It seems as though the people who write all this crap know it is utter rubbish but they know it does get people angry, which is what sells newspapers. So whether it’s a yob with an ASBO wearing a hoodie, migrants here to steal our low paid jobs we don’t want to do or lesbians corrupting our minds, you know it’ll make Daily Mail readers angry and love the paper more.

Yob with a hoodie

A real life ASBO yob

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