Britain 2.0

This is Britain 2.0, you belong to us, no freedom of speech, no descending voices, you are not a free man, you are a number!

Britain CCTV T Shirt

Britain 2.0 – we own you

Oh well, you may as well embrace the new national identity and wear the flag.

The new police state being created right now right infront of us, with 4.2 million CCTV cameras across the country the UK has 20% of all of the CCTV camera in the world. The home secretary can now read your private emails, RFID tags in your shopping, parking fines by post, spy drones, face recognition technology, they are even watching your wheely bins! And that isn’t even mentioning our friends the Americans who think it is OK to spy on people as long as they are foreign.

All because we are made to believe there are terrorists waiting to kill us round every corner, are you happy to accept “tough new laws” to crackdown on the terrorists and take away more of our freedoms?

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