Sochi 2014

A special commemorative Sochi 2014 Games shirt. Mother Russia doesn’t appear to like gays even though we all know about Vladimir and what he gets up to… read below ;-)

Gay RussiaHigh quality men’s T shirts available in all sizes.

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Check out the size chart below to see which size is right for you.


What Vladimir Putin loves doing; Shooting his bolt, gripping his joystick, enjoying a ride with some leather men, practicing his disco hustle, stretching his pelvis, picking up a man and tossing him off, riding bareback with some cowpokes, getting stuck into a cockpit with his helmetall popping out the top, fisting an entire male hockey team and squeezing right up behind a young man holding on tight and shooting right the way up the pipe.

T Shirt size chartSize S M L XL XXL 3XL

Size A (inch) 27.2 28.1 29.1 30.3 31.1 31.5
Size B (inch) 20.5 21.1 22.0 22.8 24.8 25.2

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