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GCHQ spies on and stores images of naked children


Metro Newspaper

At least the Metro made something of it

Whilst the news still clamours around the phone hacking scandal and everyone is outraged about some shite newspaper ‘hacking’ phones of newsworthy people (the hacking part involved someone knowing the standard four digit passcode for voicemails which is the same unless changed by the user), GCHQ goes on the rampage and actuaally puts a camera in your home to watch you.

Just think about that for a minute. When people talk about Big Brother they often say “what will be next? A camera in your home??” Errr well it won’t be next as it’s already happened, THEY have actually done this. With an Englishman’s home being his castle this was always something that was a step too far, yes CCTV everywhere in public but not in the privacy of your own home.

If they ever did it would only be for

William Vague

“Law abiding citizens have nothing to fear”

terror suspects of course who were an imminent treat to the pubic, just as William Hague said “law abiding citizens have nothing to fear“. Hmm well again another mistruth. As fresh information has come out from the Edward Snowden files the ‘Optic Nerve‘ program has been indiscriminately tapping into Yahoo Messenger webcam sessions. Not terrorists, not the Mafia, not North Korea but anyone, literally anyone from your granny making a video call to her grandchildren, to some fat old guy with his wang out.

I find it hard to fathom how little attention this has got in the media, the fact that 3-11% of the images STORED by GCHQ had ‘undesirable nudity’ (does this mean there was desirable nudity?), due to the mass scale of the collection this WILL include children as well as adults. So what we have here is GCHQ collecting and storing pornographic images of children, and what is done about it? Nothing. Why is there not an arrest warrant out for Iain Lobban and William Hague who claims to know what goes on in GCHQ?

Undesirable nuditySadly I think most of the British public just don’t get it, and will happily fall for whatever ‘National Security’ excuses are made.

It’s Ironic that in the Labour years they appeared to be the Socialist Big Brother, Nanny state party. The Liberal Democrats who fight for civil liberties would never allow this to go on, and neither would the Conservative Party who stand for the individual and hate state interference. Surely if a ConDem Government got into power all of this disgusting behavior would be reigned in? Well I’m afraid not, and if these two parties that stand for liberties and freedom appear to be jealous of the way China operates act like this then what hope do we have when Labour get back in…

Just get back in line and do not question authority.



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Sochi 2014 T Shirt


I thought it would be appropriate to add something to the site on the Olympic Games taking place in Russia, we’ve ll heard about the views they have their on homosexuals so perhaps the games will help welcome Russia into at least the 20th Century, I’m not sure how Putin can stand his beloved Mother Russia being ridiculed for being shall we say a little bit backwards.

Anyhoo here is our Rainbow Sochi 2014 T shirt, nice and simple :-)

Rainbow flag Russia Games

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Eat Sleep Rave Repeat


So I was out  clubbing the other night, it’s been a while since I had a ‘proper’ night, yeah every weekend I’ll be out drinking till three which is fun but only in a limited way compared to a proper night. I was thinking about it since I bought the tickets, and after how things are just so much better for living that kind of lifestyle, I’m sure there are many people who feel the same, remembering back to your clubbing days when you were (a bit?) younger, didn’t have to worry about your boring job, or paying bills, looking after kids, keeping the wife/husband happy. Just you, a group of great mates all having an awesome time thinking it would never end.

Then suddenly you realise you are old and boring, you have all the things that are supposed to make you happy, a nice house, big TV, nice three piece sofa, sensible well specced car, keeping fit, dinner parties are nice but they just don’t cut it. Strange how you would rather go back to your student days or your just out of school with a shit job days, no car, a tip of a house, no money but some great friends, great music and perhaps some alternative entertainment to alcohol if you get what I mean :-)

I came across this post from Clive Martin which kind of sums it up nicely, it’s not really what he says but what the comments are on this youtube playlist kind of sum it up;

Rave on

Eat Sleep rave repeat

Have a read through the comments yourself, an unusually low troll count.

I think this one below sums it up the best, it’s a comment on Devotion by Nomad, (what a tune!), goes to show money isn’t everything.


This one particularly good, kind of makes you think who is Phil and who is is mate Johnny and what awesome times did they have;

Rave comment


This one is kind of getting to the point I want to give in this rambling in coherent post;

in your 20s

I’m in my early 30s and have a lot of friends who have ‘grown up’ and think I should to, fortunatley hI have a group of friends who think the same as me and carpoman does, what’s the point in growing up so fast, if you are 20 just don’t bother just yet, once you have grown up there is no going back and if you live to 1000 you’ll have a whole 80 years of being grown up, and only a handful of living life not caring and having the most awesome time. Imagine yourself when you’re 64, thinking back to your 20s and 30s wishing you could go back, at least if you hold off growing up you’ll be able to think back to all those fun memories and think, well at least you lived it, however if you grew up too soon you’ll regret it and wish you had enjoyed life more!

After all this i thought I’d make a T shirt that sums this up, it’s from the Fatboy Slim tune Eat Sleep Rave Repeat which kind of sums it up :-)

But perhaps not as well as Sexytotty does;

47 year old raver

My kind of girl!

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Tesco wants your face


Tesco will be using Alan Sugar’s (yeah that’s right I call him Alan not Lord), digital signage company Amscreen to feed you adverts based on your demographic. It basically looks to see if you are male for female, young or old and show an advert ‘suitable’ for you. A Tesco spokeswoman decided to feed the press some horse shit of her own with this statement;

“This is not new technology. No data or images are collected or stored and the system doesn’t not use eyeball scanners or facial recognition technology”

Minority Report adverts

Yeah I really want to see this shit all the time

Well that’s just super Mrs Spokeswoman, but why can’t you just piss off? Do people who dream up this crap actually think it’s cool? Are they so small minded not to realize people don’t want this forced on them? Did they really watch Minority Report and think the adverts forced on him were ‘cool’?

Just because something uses clever technology doesn’t necessarily make it a good idea, who would actually want this? With marketers becoming so stupidly obsessed with personalisation and thinking we’ll be happy to ‘be served relevant ads we want’ at  the cost of your privacy. Sorry just give me a generic ad any day, I don’t want my history tracked so I can see the ads right for me.

I  know this doesn’t use facial recognition so isn’t recording anything but how long will it be until it and other systems like it do that. Anyway you can forget the privacy issue for a minute and see it’s just see it as plain intrusive, can you not let me get on with my business of walking round your store, getting overcharged for horse meat and duped into buying the latest 3 for 2 offer (which doesn’t actually work out any cheaper) without having to be squeezed just that little bit more to extract the last penny out of me.

How insulting will it be when it gets your sex wrong and shows the wrong advert? Or how will you feel when you walk past and are judged to ‘want to be served’ some hearing aid adverts because you look really old and decrepid, or perhaps some Tesco value chips because you look poor, or perhaps a big tub of ice cream because you’re fat?

If anyone can think of an ingenious way of making them crash (show the camera a picture of Alan Sugar’s piggy little face maybe?) then you can have a free t shirt.

More information on Tesco.

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Sony try to make you feel nostalgic with some old Playstations


Sony have just released an ad which takes you back in time, a long long time ago in the distant past which you may have read about in books. (Those weird things with paper instead of a touch screen). 1995 to be precise when you may remember the first Playstation being released.

At the time everyone was waiting for the Sega Saturn, we’d had a new wave of half arsed consoles from companies that knew nothing about them like Panasonic (3DO) and Phillips (CDi) and now Sony were going to come in and make a fool of themselves. Instead they actually made a really good console which focused on 3D and did it much better than the Saturn could. But what they did was make it socially acceptable and even cool. Suddenly you didn’t have to chose between Streets of Rage and a girlfriend! (Streets of Rage 3 had a lot more depth than any 14 year old girlfriend I could have had at the time).

Sony toured around and put the PlayStation in clubs, playing a futuristic game racing game called Wipeout, which had songs from The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Orbital and Leftfield… in an F#cking computer game!

Writing about it now actually makes me want to play it now.

So Sony now are planning to release the PS4 very soon and are ramping up their marketing efforts to persuade you not to buy the Big Brother in a box Xbox and get their new console. So instead of showing some fancy graphics they’ve been clever and tried to play on a bit of nostalgia with a new ad showing some young guys playing on a PlayStation.

PLaystation nostalgia 1995

Scroll down to watch the video, but make sure you read this you lazy bugger

It starts off with a wall covered in posters, the noticable one being Blur’s Parklife album, you then hear an unmistakeable count down to a Gran Turismo race, which kind of sets the tone. They fire up a bit of Tekken, then quickly bin this PlayStation and get a PSone (a smaller version), presumably because the Chinese kids that made their first PlayStation just didn’t have their hearts in it and made a dud one. And so they move on through past the Millennium (no sign of Cliff Richard singing his Millennium Prayer) and through every version of the PlayStation up to the new one.

It’s a nice little ad, yeah the 14 year olds must presumably be 32 at the end but haven’t aged at all and haven’t got up to much in the last 18 years apart from play on their PlayStaion, but one of them does have a girlfriend (who isn’t allowed to play) and shows it’s OK to be a geek and like this stuff.

Yeah it’s just an advert aimed at people like me to spend money with the a mega corporation but I suppose it has worked, I’m a sucker for a bit of nostalgia.