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Attack The Block

Random Film Review – Attack the Block

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I used to love the Adam and Joe show and just about anything Joe Cornish and Adam Buxton have done since so I had some high expectations for this low budget horror comedy. It got great reviews when it was released back in 2011 but for some reason I just never got round to watching

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Worst song of 2016

OK, here it is, the top three worst songs of 2016! This is an award for the ‘artist’ (or indeed record company who wrote, produced and had a few focus group meetings to make it) who made the most unimaginative, simplistic, cynical manufactured crap of the year. The song that was furthest away from what

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Mind the f#@king gap

Another random rant, utterly pointless you might think but there is always a need to rant about stuff. So this is one that could save people a lot of time EVERY DAY, yes EVERY DAY, assuming you drive a car of course, every day… ‘He won’t get there any faster” It stems from the ‘He […]

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