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Sony try to make you feel nostalgic with some old Playstations


Sony have just released an ad which takes you back in time, a long long time ago in the distant past which you may have read about in books. (Those weird things with paper instead of a touch screen). 1995 to be precise when you may remember the first Playstation being released.

At the time everyone was waiting for the Sega Saturn, we’d had a new wave of half arsed consoles from companies that knew nothing about them like Panasonic (3DO) and Phillips (CDi) and now Sony were going to come in and make a fool of themselves. Instead they actually made a really good console which focused on 3D and did it much better than the Saturn could. But what they did was make it socially acceptable and even cool. Suddenly you didn’t have to chose between Streets of Rage and a girlfriend! (Streets of Rage 3 had a lot more depth than any 14 year old girlfriend I could have had at the time).

Sony toured around and put the PlayStation in clubs, playing a futuristic game racing game called Wipeout, which had songs from The Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Orbital and Leftfield… in an F#cking computer game!

Writing about it now actually makes me want to play it now.

So Sony now are planning to release the PS4 very soon and are ramping up their marketing efforts to persuade you not to buy the Big Brother in a box Xbox and get their new console. So instead of showing some fancy graphics they’ve been clever and tried to play on a bit of nostalgia with a new ad showing some young guys playing on a PlayStation.

PLaystation nostalgia 1995

Scroll down to watch the video, but make sure you read this you lazy bugger

It starts off with a wall covered in posters, the noticable one being Blur’s Parklife album, you then hear an unmistakeable count down to a Gran Turismo race, which kind of sets the tone. They fire up a bit of Tekken, then quickly bin this PlayStation and get a PSone (a smaller version), presumably because the Chinese kids that made their first PlayStation just didn’t have their hearts in it and made a dud one. And so they move on through past the Millennium (no sign of Cliff Richard singing his Millennium Prayer) and through every version of the PlayStation up to the new one.

It’s a nice little ad, yeah the 14 year olds must presumably be 32 at the end but haven’t aged at all and haven’t got up to much in the last 18 years apart from play on their PlayStation, but one of them does have a girlfriend (who isn’t allowed to play) and shows it’s OK to be a geek and like this stuff.

Yeah it’s just an advert aimed at people like me to spend money with the a mega corporation but I suppose it has worked, I’m a sucker for a bit of nostalgia.