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A big helping of scapegoat’s cheese from the energy companies

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I’m not referring to any one energy company in particular but if you read this today, tomorrow or next month there is probably an energy company announcing a price rise, so that is the company I’m referring to.

Between 2004 and 2012 gas and electricity bills have gone up nearly £800 in eight years, that’s 151 effing percent! Oh yes and I know it’s 2013 now so if I had a little bit of spare time I could work out an even higher percentage but I think you get the point.

Energy Company greed

Image: Chevron Thinks We’re Stupid.

If the companies just came forward and said “we have an obligation to our shareholders to make as much profit as possible, and we’ll do this at the expense of the average British citizen” at least they would be being honest.

Instead they are blaming the ‘green levy’. The green levy, what a great excuse. People often go on about windmills blotting the landscape and not generating much energy, well that’s just perfect. Blame the green loonies then the Daily Mail will fall for it and rally up it’s readers who will then blame the green levy. But wait, oh shit! It wasn’t the Daily Mail who fell for it, it was David Cameron! What a result, how’s that for a free ticket!

The ridiculous thing is the public are getting annoyed at the prices as they themselves have to shell out more money, and secondly the many poor pensioners who across the country have to struggle through the winter and face a severe risk to their health. However the ‘green levy’ is precisely the thing to help them, by helping them make the houses more energy efficient through things like loft and cavity wall insulation, thus reducing their reliance on their heating and therefore their bills.

In the current situation energy prices are going to rise, whether you believe this is due to the wholesale price or the oligopoly of the energy companies, you would be a fool not to predict them going up. So therefore the best thing to do is reduce people’s reliance on the energy companies by making houses more efficient. This also has the benefit of making the country more green (but we’ll forget about that benefit for now). Abandoning this is just plain stupid and utterly gutless by David Cameron, trying to cover up their lack of ambition to stand up to the energy companies by following their own scapegoat. John Sinfield the MD of Knauf Insulation has written a well reasoned argument to David, which will fall of deaf ears.

All the while the attention is drawn away from the massive profits the energy companies are making due to an uncompetitive market they are in, giving them the opportunity to operate inefficiently and have an unnatural profit. And all this at the expense of you and me, and the old lady across the road (according to Age UK 24,000 people will DIE due to the cold this winter).

We all get annoyed seeing bankers get big pay offs, BBC staff getting £143,000 pay offs but this actually is a matter of life and death for some people.

Oh and just so in the case of fairness, I have criticised David Cameron for being a spineless toff so just watch this video to see how shallow Mr Milliband is…

Please go ahead and vent your anger and ruin their social media channels;‎




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Tesco wants your face


Tesco will be using Alan Sugar’s (yeah that’s right I call him Alan not Lord), digital signage company Amscreen to feed you adverts based on your demographic. It basically looks to see if you are male for female, young or old and show an advert ‘suitable’ for you. A Tesco spokeswoman decided to feed the press some horse shit of her own with this statement;

“This is not new technology. No data or images are collected or stored and the system doesn’t not use eyeball scanners or facial recognition technology”

Minority Report adverts

Yeah I really want to see this shit all the time

Well that’s just super Mrs Spokeswoman, but why can’t you just piss off? Do people who dream up this crap actually think it’s cool? Are they so small minded not to realize people don’t want this forced on them? Did they really watch Minority Report and think the adverts forced on him were ‘cool’?

Just because something uses clever technology doesn’t necessarily make it a good idea, who would actually want this? With marketers becoming so stupidly obsessed with personalisation and thinking we’ll be happy to ‘be served relevant ads we want’ at  the cost of your privacy. Sorry just give me a generic ad any day, I don’t want my history tracked so I can see the ads right for me.

I  know this doesn’t use facial recognition so isn’t recording anything but how long will it be until it and other systems like it do that. Anyway you can forget the privacy issue for a minute and see it’s just see it as plain intrusive, can you not let me get on with my business of walking round your store, getting overcharged for horse meat and duped into buying the latest 3 for 2 offer (which doesn’t actually work out any cheaper) without having to be squeezed just that little bit more to extract the last penny out of me.

How insulting will it be when it gets your sex wrong and shows the wrong advert? Or how will you feel when you walk past and are judged to ‘want to be served’ some hearing aid adverts because you look really old and decrepid, or perhaps some Tesco value chips because you look poor, or perhaps a big tub of ice cream because you’re fat?

If anyone can think of an ingenious way of making them crash (show the camera a picture of Alan Sugar’s piggy little face maybe?) then you can have a free t shirt.

More information on Tesco.