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Sochi 2014 T Shirt

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I thought it would be appropriate to add something to the site on the Olympic Games taking place in Russia, we’ve ll heard about the views they have their on homosexuals so perhaps the games will help welcome Russia into at least the 20th Century, I’m not sure how Putin can stand his beloved Mother Russia being ridiculed for being shall we say a little bit backwards.

Anyhoo here is our Rainbow Sochi 2014 T shirt, nice and simple :-)

Rainbow flag Russia Games

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Eat Sleep Rave Repeat

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So I was out clubbing the other night, it’s been a while since I had a ‘proper’ night, yeah every weekend I’ll be out drinking till three which is fun but only in a limited way compared to a proper night. I was thinking about it since I bought the tickets, and after how things are just so much better for living that kind of lifestyle, I’m sure there are many people who feel the same, remembering back to your clubbing days when you were (a bit?) younger, didn’t have to worry about your boring job, or paying bills, looking after kids, keeping the wife/husband happy. Just you, a group of great mates all having an awesome time thinking it would never end.

Then suddenly you realise you are old and boring, you have all the things that are supposed to make you happy, a nice house, big TV, nice three piece sofa, sensible well specced car, keeping fit, dinner parties are nice but they just don’t cut it. Strange how you would rather go back to your student days or your just out of school with a shit job days, no car, a tip of a house, no money but some great friends, great music and perhaps some alternative entertainment to alcohol if you get what I mean :-)

I came across this post from Clive Martin which kind of sums it up nicely, it’s not really what he says but what the comments are on this youtube playlist kind of sum it up;

Rave on

Eat Sleep rave repeat

Have a read through the comments yourself, an unusually low troll count.

I think this one below sums it up the best, it’s a comment on Devotion by Nomad, (what a tune!), goes to show money isn’t everything.


This one particularly good, kind of makes you think who is Phil and who is is mate Johnny and what awesome times did they have;

Rave comment


This one is kind of getting to the point I want to give in this rambling in coherent post;

in your 20s

I’m in my early 30s and have a lot of friends who have ‘grown up’ and think I should to, fortunatley hI have a group of friends who think the same as me and carpoman does, what’s the point in growing up so fast, if you are 20 just don’t bother just yet, once you have grown up there is no going back and if you live to 1000 you’ll have a whole 80 years of being grown up, and only a handful of living life not caring and having the most awesome time. Imagine yourself when you’re 64, thinking back to your 20s and 30s wishing you could go back, at least if you hold off growing up you’ll be able to think back to all those fun memories and think, well at least you lived it, however if you grew up too soon you’ll regret it and wish you had enjoyed life more!

After all this i thought I’d make a T shirt that sums this up, it’s from the Fatboy Slim tune Eat Sleep Rave Repeat which kind of sums it up :-)

But perhaps not as well as Sexytotty does;

47 year old raver

My kind of girl!