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GCHQ spies on and stores images of naked children

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Metro Newspaper

At least the Metro made something of it

Whilst the news still clamours around the phone hacking scandal and everyone is outraged about some shite newspaper ‘hacking’ phones of newsworthy people (the hacking part involved someone knowing the standard four digit passcode for voicemails which is the same unless changed by the user), GCHQ goes on the rampage and actuaally puts a camera in your home to watch you.

Just think about that for a minute. When people talk about Big Brother they often say “what will be next? A camera in your home??” Errr well it won’t be next as it’s already happened, THEY have actually done this. With an Englishman’s home being his castle this was always something that was a step too far, yes CCTV everywhere in public but not in the privacy of your own home.

If they ever did it would only be for

William Vague

“Law abiding citizens have nothing to fear”

terror suspects of course who were an imminent treat to the pubic, just as William Hague said “law abiding citizens have nothing to fear“. Hmm well again another mistruth. As fresh information has come out from the Edward Snowden files the ‘Optic Nerve‘ program has been indiscriminately tapping into Yahoo Messenger webcam sessions. Not terrorists, not the Mafia, not North Korea but anyone, literally anyone from your granny making a video call to her grandchildren, to some fat old guy with his wang out.

I find it hard to fathom how little attention this has got in the media, the fact that 3-11% of the images STORED by GCHQ had ‘undesirable nudity’ (does this mean there was desirable nudity?), due to the mass scale of the collection this WILL include children as well as adults. So what we have here is GCHQ collecting and storing pornographic images of children, and what is done about it? Nothing. Why is there not an arrest warrant out for Iain Lobban and William Hague who claims to know what goes on in GCHQ?

Undesirable nuditySadly I think most of the British public just don’t get it, and will happily fall for whatever ‘National Security’ excuses are made.

It’s Ironic that in the Labour years they appeared to be the Socialist Big Brother, Nanny state party. The Liberal Democrats who fight for civil liberties would never allow this to go on, and neither would the Conservative Party who stand for the individual and hate state interference. Surely if a ConDem Government got into power all of this disgusting behavior would be reigned in? Well I’m afraid not, and if these two parties that stand for liberties and freedom appear to be jealous of the way China operates act like this then what hope do we have when Labour get back in…

Just get back in line and do not question authority.