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Calvery Review

For once I managed to go and see a film knowing absolutely nothing about it. It seems like every time I go to the cinema I always end up reading reviews and pretty much know the everything that is going to happen, or the trailer basically just shows all of the best and key moments of the film. I think the worst offender of this was Cloverfield, although it was one of the best film trailers I’ve seen, starts off as a party at a swanky apartment in New York, the scene lasts a goof few minutes and introduces you to a few of the characters and is actually quite enjoyable, at this point you think it is a film about young people living in New York. Then suddenly BOOM all the shit starts happening, an earthquake, explosions? Then you see fireballs and a giant bloody monster!

A great ‘twist’ for a trailer and it certainly worked in making me go and see it but I just wonder how good the film would have been if I had not sent he trailer and not known anything about it, it’d be settling down into a nice film about young hipsters, and so the shock of seeing a giant monster is far more effective. Seeing a giant monster in a film called Godzilla VS Megabeast isn’t exactly shocking or surprising, but this would have been.

I’m going off on a tangent here but I do get annoyed when I read film reviews and the critic isn’t good enough at his/her job to review the film without basically outlining the whole plot so you figure out the twists and turns before you even get there.
So in light of this for this film review I’m not going to say ANYTHING about the plot, OK, slight spoiler – I’ll give away that there are no giant Godzilla like beasts in this film. The film is pretty much set out in the first scene and it makes you think about the characters, who they are, and what their strange motivations are. All of them have slightly disturbing streaks to them, but despite this you actually grow to like them all despite knowing one has something really dark to hide. And that’s the beauty of the film, it makes you analyse and get into each of the characters and in some ways sympathise with them.

The Guardian describes this as a ‘terrific dark comedy’ hmmm well er no I wouldn’t go with the dark comedy bit but it certainly is terrific. There are some funny moments but a comedy it ain’t!

Brenden Gleeson is superb and really fits the role of the hardened good priest but the rest of the cast do a great job to making you belive in their slightly twisted characters in particular Aidan Gillen of the Wire fame (I knew I recognised him from somewhere) is the most outwardly strange of them but he pulls it of superbly.

It’s a film that carries you along for the first half an hour and slowly lets the suspense build and build until the ending which is set up from the first scene. Telling you what day it is every day of the film only adds to it, bringing the Sunday of reckoning closer and closer.

I’d thoroughly recommend Calvery.

Calvery Film Review

Brendon Gleeson and Kelly Reilly


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