Rebel Scum Cap

Rebel Scum Star Wars Inspired Cap

Be proud of your scum heritage, be proud to be Rebel Scum! Why would you want to join the Empire anyway? You have to either wear silly armour and a helmet you can’t see out of (if you don’t believe me just see how straight Stormtroopers shoot) or a stupid uniform with a cap, when you could just wear your Rebel Scum cap instead and show what you are made of!

Whether you need a hat for sports or times of leisure, and whether you wear the peak in front or on your head’s rear, a baseball cap is a universal accessory to lend a sporty touch to days of sunshine and of rain.

Adjustable metal fastener on its back
Central and seamless front panel
Weight: 80g
Fabrics: 100% cotton

Rebel Scum Cap

Rebel Scum Cap for your head