Handing cups of tea to people

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Handing cups of tea to people

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Cups of tea have a handle on them. This most people are aware of, however some people are perhaps unaware that the reason for having a handle is to hold the mug when it is hot. So you don’t BURN YOUR FUCKING HAND.

Cup of tea

No Lionel it’s the fucking handle I’m looking for!

When you experience burning your hand on a cup of tea you will quickly come to the conclusion that it is not a pleasant experience that you would like to repeat. If you are a clever person you make make a deduction that other people also do not enjoy the experience of burning their hand. Which brings me to the conclusion that people who (very kindly) make you a cup of tea, hold it by the handle and pass it to you to take are not clever. Why do something so nice as make a cup of tea only to inflict AGONISING PAIN on the person you make it for? Is this some kind of revenge for going through the ordeal of having to make a cup of tea?

Just be nice, make the tea and put it on the table near the other person so they can pick it up with the handle and experience no pain in the process. Simple.


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