Worst song of 2016

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Worst song of 2016

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OK, here it is, the top three worst songs of 2016! This is an award for the ‘artist’ (or indeed record company who wrote, produced and had a few focus group meetings to make it) who made the most unimaginative, simplistic, cynical manufactured crap of the year. The song that was furthest away from what music really is.


Wow, this track is just seeping with genius, have one line repeated 28 times (no I haven’t counted), then have a screechy voice repeat another line 27 times. There here it comes, the genius, STICK THEM TOGETHER. Wow, we are all in awe Kanye.

An honourable mention Robbie Williams

I was really torn between these two songs, in the end I felt I couldn’t not mention Robbie’s effort, he must have really, really tried to make something as bad as this. He (and that’s if he did write the lyrics) came up with something that a five year old would if they were given 3 seconds to come up with some lines that rhyme with ‘Party like a Russian’ yep, it rally does go on with; “End of discussion, Dance like it got concussion” I makes no sense,, it’s just cringe worthy to the nth degree. And after that he’s stuck for things to say, hmm I know what things are Russiona? ah yes Russian Dolls, lets stick that in, so “Put a doll inside a doll” what other things are Russian, umm something lile those olly gark things, what are they? “Party like a Russian, oh, Have it like an oligarch”

There we go job done, can I have my money please? At this point Robbie must have been delighted when the put the apprentice song as the backing song (no Robbie, it’s NOT THE APPRENTICE SONG!)

If you still have your sanity after listening to that big gay fish called Kanye and you fancy being labotimised then just watch the video below, should do the trick.

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